Here are some of the products and people I believe in.


Bill Wise is a master craftsman from Michigan whose love for precision woodworking is evident in every build that leaves his shop. I knew the very first time I picked up my SJ, that it would be my partner. I see no way I could be happier with an acoustic guitar. 

I take effects pedals very seriously. Tone is important, but reliability is crucial for an uninterrupted performance. Dan Burgess' pedals are all over my boarding including his centerpiece, "the Pearl." I've used it on many albums, as well as his boosters and switching units. A lot of mass marketed pedals feel like toys to me. T1M feels like a proper tool of the trade. 

For years, if I wanted the tone of my favorite amps, I had to drag them around everywhere I went. The Kemper revolutionized traveling for me. I preferred the tone of my Matchless and with this unit, I was able to store that exact mic'ed tone. Christoph Kemper has changed the game with this profiling amp. 

I remember the feel of a well broken-in baseball glove growing up. After time it felt like it was built for me and no one else. King Bee has the ability to build a guitar that feels like that old glove you wore as a kid. These guitars intonate, stay in tune, sound great, and play incredibly well. Not to mention they're a true thing of beauty.